Monday, April 14, 2014

Dustin's Version

What a coincidence. My quilting buddy Dustin sent this, he has been working in black/white and red too. He writes: "I have tried to make baby quilts with their names in them for a while... also, if the name is on it, it's inspirational to actually finish it before the baby gets too big." Look closely - this one actually says Naomi Rose Nichols.

Dustin is on to something here. I usually start baby quilts when the baby is about born, then they have been known to languish on the quilt room shelf for a while (year or so) until I finish them up!  I've made baby quilts and put the child's initials on the back but i really like this. I think it will inspire me for future quilts. Check out these links for other amazing baby quilts Dustin has made: one for Jack Wesley Jordan, and another Dustin calls a personal favorite, for the very lucky LUCY.

Several of us in Lawrence are big fans of Dustin's work. He lives in Kentucky. Look at his Flicker pages for more of his amazing work.

The background for this quilt is an old shirt. THANKS to Dustin for sharing!


  1. Love this quilt, it reminds me of a Gees Bend quilt, Dustin certainly has different fabric choices, but they work, I'm in a couple of Flickr groups with Dustin, he certainly does some amazing work, I'm in awe of the striped blocks he is making for the Threads of Memory BOM, just mesmerising.

  2. Dustin is a clever young man. I like that the name is hidden.