Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Big Quilt

THIS won't happen again soon but this year, I finished TWO large quilts for our show.I got this photo of one of them the other day - I'll post the other one soon.

This quilt happened with the help and inspiration of several people. Several years ago, Karen Hansen cleaned out her sewing room andgave me a pile of 140 vintage 4-patch blocks, all containing a green gingham-like fabric.  Karen believes they were made by Ida Nussbaum Watkins of Kansas City, Kansas - a longtime friend of her mother-in-law. Karen said Ida passed away in 1950 but her mother-in-law is 91 (and still driving!).

Carol Jones saw those and recalled a quilt on a 2004 East Bay Heritage Quilt Show postcard.  The quilt is Starry Night by our friend, Mabry Benson! We liked the ziggy-zaggy effect of the colors running along her stars.

Carol helped me pull fabrics and colors for the quilt, shared fabric from her stash, and helped me figure out the design. She also helped me select the outer border fabric, a Kaffe Fassett print that I am not sure I would have been wide or bold enough to select on my own but we all agree it makes a perfect finish for this quilt. She also helped me pick the binding, a Kaffe stripe that is just right.

The brave Kelly Cline quilted it perfectly. She knew I planned to use it so she used a sturdy allover design to quilt the center and groovy circles for the border.

So! thanks to Ida, Karen, Carol, Mabry and Kelly, we will enjoy using this quilt for years to come! Isn't this what quilting is all about.


  1. oh my, Deb - I have been reading your blog for such a long time, and had no idea you just live up the road from me ! I live in castro valley - just wanted to say hi neighbor.. Kate ...

  2. Stunning. That green gingham calms all the loud fabrics and gives a unifying effect. Love the EBHQ one, too. Now back to my own sewing room....

  3. Love this! Knew it had to be yours when I saw it on Kelly's frame!

  4. Beautiful quilt! I love those streaks of lightning between the four-patches and the bright spots scattered around the quilt.

  5. What a fabulous quilt! I love it.