Friday, August 15, 2014

My Trip into The Attic

I have heard (horror) stories about the quilt historian's basement and attic for YEARS. Much stored there, not visited for years, memories, (shudder) WORK clearing it ...

Well, the quilt historian is moving. Actually, she already moved - next door to me! Yes, they are our new neighbors and we are enjoying their fine company.

A moving sale is in the works at her old place at 500 Louisiana. I was invited to see the attic and basement and jumped at the chance. The basement is already cleared so it looks nothing like I imagined. It is actually a pretty decent space (now that it is cleared and swept out).

The attic is entered through a drop staircase in the kitchen of the house. It was just as I had imagined, a bit of a time capsule, full of fascinating things covered with dust and cobwebs.

Because it's a 1885 Victorian cottage, there are cute windows on three sides:

Standing up straight is only possible occasionally. We decided to remove all the salvageable fabric stored there. Our method: boxes dropped into the room below. Voila!

We sorted fabric into the responsible piles: some to discard, some for the garage sale, a bit to keep ... I got vintage scraps. BB recalled that she used to find them neatly wrapped up at garage sales.

There will be a sale Sept. 5-6, here's the flyer:

It will be truly exciting! Be there or be square, there really is a tremendous amount of wonderful stuff for any quilter or collector. Here is something else we found in the attic:

p.s. the HOUSE is for sale too, I have a flyer about it if you know anyone who is interested.


  1. I'll share the news about the moving sale, but uh, what's the city and state???? I'm guessing Kansas... Those are some great scraps!!!!

  2. That quilt is stunning! I wish I could come to that sale and grab some of the goodies!

  3. Lawrence, Kansas.
    I wish you could all be here!

  4. Wow...friendship that last a life time...lucky you and lucky quilts and just plain lucky. I have always found it hard to let go of my stuff..especially my quilting stuff...sigh...age is moving me in the right direction..!

  5. Just wait. This will hit the quilters' grapevine!!!

  6. Chatting with my dh about this I learned that he lived in the 600 block of Louisiana there in Lawrence when he was in college. Small world. Hope the sale is terrific. Wish I was nearby.