Monday, September 22, 2014

Pure Thrift

I like to blog! But somehow I've been distracted for the past month ... however, blogworthy events have continued to happen to me, so look out, I have some things to show you.

Gotta start with this - a hot pad acquired at a local garage sale. We've had a fine time garage sale-ing lately. We stopped at one and found a woman who made crocheted dishcloths. I like to have those on hand so I chose several and complemented her on her color choices and lovely work. For some reason, the woman said I have something to show you and dashed back into her house. She emerged with THIS and explained that she used to work at the local cleaners. When they sent package of clothes, they would be tied up with white string and she hated to see it go to waste so she saved it. This is one of the hotpads she made from the string.

You'll notice from the detail that she had to tie string together to keep going. Oh how i love this. it is very soft and so dear to me. Isn't it wonderful? She GAVE it to me, it has a good home.


  1. interesting. could be cool as a framed piece of art. could be a hoot in a really ritzy (complete style contrast) frame.

  2. That's so neat! These are the things you would find back home.. almost in every other home. What a creative soul!

  3. Great story about "making do." That cloth is too precious to use!