Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Best Polyester Quilt Ever

My friend Carol Ingenthron showed off this quilt at guild this month. I nominate it for best polyester quilt ever!

It comes with a great story. Carol's grandma, Nina Unruh, made these back in the 1970's in Enid, Oklahoma. She made one for each of her nine grandchildren, plus more for future grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They were cleaning our Carol's mom's house recently and found 2 more (the quilt shown is one of them) so those are going to her granddaughters ... She also made many, many more quilts for overseas missions through the Mennonite church in Enid.

The quilt is large - it measures 86" x 72". Each block is about 7" square. It's tied with yarn and backed with flannel. Notice the pillowcase style edge (no binding).

What I really really love about this quilt is the very bright colors. And it's clear the strips were cut with scissors, which adds to the wonky wonder.

Thanks to Carol for sharing all this with all of us!

Close-up view of the pillow-case edge and flannel back


  1. Good morning. I totally agree! Mrs. Unruh was an extraordinary quilter in her use of color. The unequal widths and color arrangements of her strips makes it a perfect fit in a contemporary home. A forty year old never looked so gooood.
    Please thank Carol for sharing and disproving that all polyester quilts look dated.
    Delia in RB.

  2. Wow! Nina Unruh certainly had a sense of fun. Mennonites in Winnipeg where I live still find some of that polyester double knit to make blankets -- my husband's aunt made a lone star out of that fabric--but I haven't seen many as lovely as this. If you're going to make something that lasts forever like these double knit blankets, it should be beautiful! thanks for sharing it.

  3. Would you be willing to post this to the group blog I administer --http://stringthingalong.blogspot.com? I can send you an invitation if you email me.

  4. Beautiful...I can imagine how it would cheer up a room on a gloomy day. Love the color!

  5. Wonderful! And they'll last forever...

  6. Carol describes how heavy they are to lay under ...

  7. Wonky Wonder! I like that name for this quilt! So bright and cheery!

  8. My grandma used to make those (western Kansas German ;) and they are the toughest quilts ever! Will never wear out! I love Carol's quilt!