Friday, April 10, 2015

Kate's Wedding Quilt

When my girls were little, we watched the 1995 movie How to Make an American Quilt together. We had the VHS tape so we watched it often. It is a story about marriage and I'd say we'll watch it again when you think you are ready to get married.

Well! Our daughter Kate is getting married next week. Not only did she remember watching the movie, she remembered how the stitch group made a quilt for the young bride in their midst.

Kate wanted a quilt - and not any quilt: she wanted a double wedding ring quilt.

I told my stitch group. They said un-uh, no way! That is a hard quilt to make (and it was just months before the wedding).

Linda Frost, Carol Jones, Georgann Eglinski, Barbara Brackman, Roseann Smith, Kathe Dougherty

Quilt historian to the rescue. She pulled a 1930's vintage double wedding ring top from her collection. A back was assembled and off it went to trusty local long-arm quilter Kelly Cline. She quilted it beautifully, despite the fact that the quilt turned out to be predictably wonky.

I stitched on binding and we hand stitched it in place at our weekly meeting. Georgann made a label and stitched it on while Kate watched.

We gave it to them a little early - maybe it will show up in some of the wedding photos.

Kate and Nick Kuzmyak


  1. Congratulations to your daughter, and to you for gaining a son-in-law! The antique quilt is beautiful, especially with that quilting.

  2. Great finish! Although I would think with a quilting superstar in your midst, you might just have pulled off a DWR,lol!

  3. Oh Deb, I think this has to be the perfect quilt for your daughter and new son-in-law! Congratualtions to all! :)

  4. A classic wedding quilt - Congratulations to the lovely bride & groom!

  5. It is handy to have a quilt historical around! A sweet quilt for a beautiful couple.

  6. Congratulations to Kate! I love the bride and groom holding that quilt. And they have a story to go with it! xoxo