Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Polyester Seen at Garage Sale

I spotted this polyester quilt at a recent garage sale. I asked the young host if this quilt was for sale and she proudly said, oh no, my grandma made that! It was HUGE, probably at least queen size. She said there was a tub of poly quilts left behind by her grandma there too.

Like the other polyester quilt we saw recently, this one is exciting because of the bright colors used. It's a classic one-patch quilt, and we know it will never wear out!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Love all that COLOR!

  2. Not only will it last forever, it will never FADE! :-)

    I have some quilts from my aunt made with a variety of fabrics, including corduroys and polyester double-knits, and big tow-catcher quilting. These days they might call them "modern" !

  3. Wonderful quilt! Good thing it wasn't for sale. I wonder if the owner knows how polyester quilts have grown in popularity.

  4. What a wonderful quilt! Nice to hear an anecdote about a quilt being valued for a change-especially a poly one!