Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just finished quilt for the show

I just finished binding it this morning: a new quilt for the Kaw Valley Quilter's Guild
Quilt Show
next weekend. This is another rescue quilt (see March 25 blog). Compared to that humble prize, this is a Cadillac.
My sister-in-law Shirley bought the top at a garage sale years ago. She decided she would never get around to hand quilting it so she gave it to me last fall. It needed some repairs: a few pieces replaced, some hand-stitched seams restitched.
Lori Kukuk did the machine quilting. She is a master of patience with older imperfect quilts and gently finesses them into beautiful finished pieces.
Come to the show to see it: Saturday and Sunday 10-5 at the fairgrounds.
By the way, Lori is the featured quilter. All the exhibited quilts she has quilted will be marked with a special flower so look for them.