Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black-and-white cat on a black-and-white rug

A concerned follower has suggested I stray from my topic (Deb Rowden's Thrift Shop Quilts).
Au contraire! Besides quilts, some days we'll focus on thrift, and occasionally just something interesting to the first 2 words of the blog title.
Today, thrift. Namely, the toothbrush rug. I learned how to make these rugs from a friend in 1991 and haven't stopped making them since. I enjoy the color play and mindless fun.
My friend Georgann commissioned this black and white one for her bathroom. She supplied the fabrics, an attempt to lessen her fabric stash.
This is also a chance for you to see our handsome friend Oreo. He's the best.


  1. Thrift, cats and quilts. A lovely combination.

  2. I love the toothbrush--and Oreo, too. I have two black kitties that love to cuddle up to rugs and quilts!

  3. In my earlier comment, I meant to say toothbrush RUG, not toothbrush! Silly me!