Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ah, May

I looked up May Day and found this:

The beginning of May was a very popular feast time for the Romans. It was devoted primarily to the worship of Flora, the goddess of flowers. It was in her honor a five day celebration, called the Floralia, was held. The five day festival would start April 28 and end on May 2.

My husband’s mother was named Flora. Flora Ova to boot. Floral names were popular the year of her birth, 1912. My grandmother, born the same year, was named Thelma Iris.

Enjoy this funky basket, one of 25 on a funky quilt I found In Hutchinson, Kansas. The baskets are set on a rough, faded background fabric. One side only is bordered in black. It’s an odd quilt and I love it.

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  1. Mom would have loved this info. She loved May 1st. We made little baskets to give to neighbors. She helped Jacquie & Becca make baskets in Calif. and N.C. when visiting. Love your blog.