Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thrifty collaboration and more.....

One of the best things about editing quilt books is the people I get to work with.
I love working with Maggie Bonanomi. Her creativity is exciting. We met yesterday about her upcoming book and wow! does she have some inspiring projects under construction (nearly finished!).
Here is a little pillow she gave me during our last collaboration, on her cool first book With These Hands. Maggie is all about using found objects. I had a quilt that was old and rustic and a good fit with Maggie's colors. She made me this little pincushion from it. Best of all, when she opened the quilt up, she found vintage toile inside. It became the back. isn't it wonderful?
We talked about blogging and how we notice projects on blogs sometimes aren't credited (this is by Maggie, etc). Its good to keep that in mind: give credit where credit is due.

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