Thursday, May 7, 2009

My William Morris Adventure

So, if your fabric designer friend gives you some of those precut bundles and tells you to go to town, how far will they go? For me they produced 5 sides of small quilts (4 quilts total) = not bad!
Barbara Brackman’s new Moda fabric line, The Morris Workshop, is her second featuring William Morris prints. She gave me 1 jelly roll (2 1/2” strips), 1 honey bun (1 1/2” strips) and 1 packet of turnovers (6” squares cut in half diagonally). Yum. And she let me play in my unstructured way. Here’s what they produced:
Improv (above): 37” x 47”
Turnovers: 30” x 49”
Rail Fence (a 2 sided quilt): 22”x 44”
William mini: 8” x 24”
I love the colors in this line, they are rich, rich.

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  1. These colors are marvelous. This means a trip to the quilt shop. Good job both of you.