Sunday, August 29, 2010

Canton Stars

This quilt has a good story.
Some years ago, I was at the huge First Monday sale in Canton, Texas. There were great quilts, there was a little of everything.

I noticed a lot of textiles spread out on a bedspread. I lingered there and a man bellowed, "I'll give you all that for $20." I scanned, scanned the pile. I could see a number of quilt blocks. It was starting to rain and we were out in a field. The man swooped it all up in the bedspread and thrust it into my arms. I gave him a twenty.

These blocks were PART of that haul. I gave them to my mom. She put them into this quilt. She machine quilted it herself and gave it to me for Christmas a while back.

The quilt measures 64" x 76". The blocks are 9 1/2" square. Mom used reproduction fabrics to sash and border it.


  1. Nice Find!! Nice story too of the history and how you wound up with it back in your life!

  2. I have @ 30 x 6" similar stars from the '40's I think that I bought at Houstin show a couple of years ago. They just need setting in a background - maybe now I'll be inspired.

  3. What a beauty! Good for you and your mom.

  4. What a nice quilt. I am curious to know what else was in the pile:)

  5. Just gotta love a quilt with a story and a great story at that!

  6. There was a LOT in the pile. 1 quilt top, many more blocks. I'll dig some out to show you.....