Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

The treasure hunt for creative raw materials lands many of us at garage sales. My husband and I like to climb on our bikes and ride until we find the next one every Saturday morning. We rationalize. It's good exercise. It's a good way to shake off stress of the work week. But mostly, I think, we like the hunt.

What will you find? I'm always looking for textiles of every kind. My garage sale buddy Sue in California wonders if we find different things here.

This blog is for Sue. Look what I found Saturday. The remnants of an estate sale, we were told. I always enjoy finding these delicately stitched linens. They aren't perfect: they've got spots and holes. Which will make them easier to use (i.e. cut into pieces) for quilts.

And then there is the major find. Doesn't everyone need a rhinestone encrusted throne ashtray? (Sue, that cost 25 cents.)

Check out this blog, it will bring comfort to those of us who like to collect. It's a great story about a collector's legacy.........We can keep collecting! Thanks to Sue for sharing that blog.


  1. The throne reminds me of the squirrel bowl that the owner paid us 25 cents to take away. True story.

  2. hmmmm. what is a squirrel bowl? they paid YOU? woo

  3. Congrats on the great finds! Makes you want to go out every weekend to find more. ;-)

  4. Wow! What a story. Just when I've been feeling like it's time to clear out a bunch of stuff. Hadn't thought of giving it to the senior center until now. Thanks!

  5. Buffy, you owe it to your community to keep collecting, don't you think? I'm inspired. The Buffy legacy shop........

  6. Now, when the family can barely move amongst my treasures ('you can't possibly sell ALL of this) I'll suggest a legacy shop....I agree with Deb, I owe it to my
    I do occasionally donate quilt tops to a seniors center, my contact there explains that a lot of the senior quilting group love to quilt, but have more trouble piecing, arthritis and poor eyesight, etc.