Friday, August 27, 2010

Start throwing elbows

I'm pumped.
I spoke at a local guild Tuesday night and there were young quilters in the crowd. They did show and tell (with great quilts). They bought my book (yes!).
What is going on? I do think it's the influence of quilts by Denyse Schmidt. And the hot new fabrics by Amy Butler, Tula Pink and more.

Check this out, I hope you can see the link on the NY Times. It's the story of a Seattle quilter named Boo Davis. She quit her day job to pull together a quilt book called "Dare To Be Square Quilting" published this month by Potter Craft. There is a video about it on YouTube. I like it.
Sounds like they toned her down for the book a little. But Boo's sentiments would make any quilter swoon. She bemoans the low prices wonderful quilts go for on ebay. Her last quote is my favorite: "I think the quilt makers of the world need to rise up and start throwing elbows."
You go Boo.

More excitement: there is a new guild generating a lot of buzz in Kansas City, the Modern Quilt Guild. It hasn't been together long and already has 80 members, I am told. Check out the web site, chapters are popping up all over........

p.s. this information was shared with me by Joanne Tolkoff, check out her web site and blog. She'll have cool greeting cards available for us to buy soon.


  1. oh, Boo's a hoot!!! just unfortunate she couldn't do the wild fun book. hope this one does well enough they'll let her loose on the next one.

  2. How exciting! I saw a show of Boo's several years ago in a downtown Seattle coffee shop. Got to see some of the quilts that wouldn't make it into a book. Glad to hear she's going for it!

  3. The link for the Kansas City Modern Quilt quild is not working. Anyother info on this?