Saturday, October 30, 2010

At Market 1 - Schoolhouse

As retailers set up their booths the day before market, shop owners arrive and attend a day of presentations called Schoolhouse. They are very serious about learning all they can, here they are gathering their things and checking the schedule for what's next as they leave Maggie Bonanomi's presentation.

At some markets I have helped with these and several times I have made a presentation. This year I was happy to study the schedule and see what I could see.

Some presenters have good ideas, clever tips about marketing this or creating that. You see products that will help you work. You hear about new books. I wandered in to the presentation about a new C&T book, Quilts Made Modern. I loved the quilts, you will too. Bill Kerr has a great color sense and a plan to follow for making some of the improvised quilts we love. And good quilt names.The one behind him left is Big Dots, the other behind right is Beach Glass. I didn't get the name of the one he's holding up, we'll just have to get the book. He mentioned using strip piecing and cutting, being efficient.

I seldom stay at schoolhouse all day but yesterday the last session included a presentation by several quilters from Gee's Bend, Alabama - Loretta Bennett and Louisiana Bendolf. Windham fabrics will offer kits for several quilts they designed. I'm looking forward to stopping by to see them at the booth this morning.

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