Thursday, October 14, 2010


I went to a huge antique mall today, in Wichita, Kansas. I looked in every booth and found a few great things that you will see eventually.  What I'm most proud about today was my restraint. I saw a few very odd things and I did NOT bring them home with me. What helped was having my camera along - I decided to photograph them to show you instead.

I lingered a long time by this tortured piece. It's a handmade knife block, made to be hung up on the wall. I'm drawn to figures and faces and really wanted this but check out the hands. Those are cuphooks on the hands, yes! One must ask what were they thinking? hooks for hands? Just too creepy to have around, I decided.

Soon after that, I found this little doll PINCUSHION. Again, what were they thinking? Did they not know about voodoo dolls? And look at her face. She seems resigned to her fate. Again, I just had to pass.

As I turned around, guess who was lurking there? A framed Sunbonnet Sue. ARGH!


  1. You are funny! I am sitting here smiling...

  2. I'd have gone for the knife block...drawing too cool...

  3. Sue is the guilty party, here. She can't even look you in the eye.

  4. Got my vicarious antiquing high from your blog...keep up the photographing at antique malls. I think the cup hook hands were for hanging pot holders but it does look creepy without them :)