Sunday, October 24, 2010

Overcoats and couches

This is one of the things I DID bring home with me from the antique mall last week.

At dinner tonight my family was admiring it on the wall. They said it made them think of overcoats and wool couches.....I brought it home because of the warm fall colors. That and I find it a little impulsive, with the skewed plaids and the casually put together blocks. I like looking at how it was put together. It seems to have been assembled in rows of four-patches and two- patches, all about 3 - 4 1/2" square.  It is sturdily machine pieced, with dark yarn ties in the middle of each block. The binding is from the 1930s, the back is a soft striped flannel.

The quilt measures 64" x 72". I note there are about 6 wools used - one plain beige piece, and just 5 bright red blocks.


  1. I have a soft spot for these 'working men's quilts'....perhaps made for the help in the barn?

  2. Hurray for the 'make do' mindset of our ancestors! Love the quilt and the sturdy stuff it's made of. Made during desperate times in our USA, thank goodness they knew how to survive.

  3. Love it! You stumble on the best finds. I thing collecting old quilts could be addicting for me.

  4. super quilt! I bet it weighs a ton,the kind of quilt when the kids are covered for the night they can't get out of bed til morning! the colors are just right for the season.
    and you do have an amazing collection of quilts!

  5. This one is good. keep up the good work!.. sofas for sale