Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today's election day. Be sure to vote. Do it for the suffragettes who worked so hard for us.

These great patriotic quilts on display at market in Houston will get you in the proper mood.

This flag quilt top was made by Ralph Syverson of Cordell, Oklahoma in the 1940s - 48 stars are embroidered on the flag.

And this detail is from a crib quilt made only of these stars, quiltmaker unknown, circa 1930s, also acquired in Oklahoma......

I'm off to cancel out this NO vote for our library expansion! See you at the polls!
(Thanks to ace stringer Roseann for spotting this memorable sign.)


  1. Thank you for sharing that hilarious sign with us...Kathe

  2. Someone just sent me an email with a wonderful picture of a library that's built to resemble a shelf of books!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the photos, I posted ararat the elephant for election day
    And re sign-clearly them didn't have no need for a dang libarry. Hope the library measure passed.