Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boys in Wonderland

I made this little quilt  (8" x 12") to test a product for C&T's Creative Troupe. And today it appeared on their blog!

The product was Lesley Riley's  TAP (Transfer Artist Paper). The challenge was to use it in a creative way. I'd been scanning family photographs and found an old photo postcard in the pile. Isn't is a wacky photo? I called it Boys in Wonderland because the back  says "Wonderland Post Card Studio, 1206 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO." But that is all! There is no other identification, so I have no idea who these fellows are.

After I transferred the photo, I framed it with silks from a box given to me just last summer. I hadn't tried transferring many photos to fabric - I liked how TAP worked!


  1. The photo in the quilt sent me scrambling for a similar photo of my great grandmother. Turns out the moon is not the same, but my guess is the two photos are from the same era.

  2. Love your work - I just sent you a friend request on FB to tell you your piece was posted on our blog - thanks for being part of the Troupe!!

  3. Grrreat little piece! Love those photo corners.

  4. That is a fabulous piece. I wonder if you would be willing to share the photo itself? It's just so cool.