Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quilt #9: Last but not least

Here's the last finished quilt we're taking to our little friends. Notice I say last FINISHED quilt, of course, mine still needs to be quilted. But we've got enough done to cover our Christmas gifts. This quilt was actually created for a book. I wonder if its young recipient will ever know that. I do think they could spend a while looking all the patterns as they fall asleep. It measures 37" x 37". Look at the quilt back: it's wild too.

Ok, time to vote. Which quilt would you choose to nap with?


  1. WOW!!!!!
    I love this quilt. I have used this block so many times in my quilts. I intend to make many versions and every time I look at another one, I want to go back in my sewing room and stat cutting squares!
    Love this quilt! Lucky young recipient too!
    The back is beautiful too.

  2. I love this last quilt and I think you have solved my 'which pattern to make next dilemna'.
    I won't vote because I enjoyed them all.

  3. LOVE both! we saw FELA! on Broadway last night, and I am on African fabric overload with Inspiration coming out of my ears!!! I can't pick one... ;-)
    (if FELA come to your neck of the woods, go see it...!!! one of the best show I have ever seen)

  4. I love them all...lucky little ones at First Step. I think my favorite is the red and turquoise one. Great project!

  5. #6 the pink. It's like one my mom had and we wore out totally, I would spend hours tracing the quilting lines to follow them.

  6. My favourite was No 8, the Sporty Quilt. Great job by all the 'elves' though :)

  7. I love them all but #3 (the hearts) I find enchanting! Merry Christmas to you anfd your family!

  8. If I HAVE to choose just one...I pick quilt #3! They are all so charming and unique, it's hard to choose!

  9. Number 5 is my favorite, but I would be a happy kid under any of them! Congratulations on finishing a project full of holiday spirit!

  10. I like them all, but #5 just speaks to me. I love all that red.

  11. Vlisco fabrics, that is what the quilt is made of.
    Vlisco is made in Holland
    In the city Helmond I believe.
    Greetings from Janny Schoneveld