Monday, January 24, 2011

Pat's informative pocket

My last post prompted my friend Pat Kyser to send this photo of the back of her fantastic Ancestor Quilt. Each block features a family member Pat has researched. Pat quilted and finished each block separately - they hang together as a group. That way, she can continue to add to the quilt as she collects more family information.

On the back of each block, Pat made a pocket that contains a laminated card giving biographical information about the person pictured on the reverse side. Note the ribbons to hold the cards, added after she realized when she took the quilt along for a lecture, all the little cards fell out.


  1. Necessity... Invention... Experience... Teacher... I love the idea and the execution thereof. Thanks.

  2. I really want to see the front of this block. I love the idea of quilting family history - two passions in one.

  3. Love this idea! Does Pat have a website that shows examples of her blocks i.e mini quilts?