Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tag, you're it

That is something we like to exclaim when we pass work on: Tag, you're it!!
This seems to be working with blogs too. I've been tagged by another blog - the rules are here. As usual in blog world, they are pleasant. We're acknowledging others who brighten our days and inspire us with our creative work.
So here goes:
1. Tell who tagged you--that would be Sujata. I can count on checking her blog and being so delighted with whatever she is working on -what a treat.
2. Add a link to their blog--here it is.
3. Award bloggers who you think deserve this award--
I echo Sujata's sentiment: Thanks to each of you for inspiring me through your talents and your wonderful spirit.......

It is hard to stop at 3 blogs. I must say whenever I start noodling around and go from one blog to the next, I'm just amazed at it all.
Ok, gotta get back to work! Thanks Sujata, you always make my day!

p.s. Sujata said to mention 3 things I love:
Thrifty shopping spots
Fabric found at the above

Bella posing on very thrifty fabric being cut apart....


  1. Yeah!!! More great blogs to check out!

    Thank you for making me understand 'the process' through your quilts. Any given time, I find myself wanting to create more out of scraps than the beautiful fabrics I have gathered in my stash. It has been a very rewarding creative journey.

    Okay, I am going to check out those blogs now!