Saturday, September 10, 2011

A dandy pair of potholders

Obviously, as one who is downsizing, I am not acquiring quilts with the gusto I once did. But there is still something I will continue to collect - my beloved face potholders. It is nice to have an excuse to stop at an antique shop. We travelled across Missouri yesterday on highway 36, a trip we've been making for years. A sign of the times is that several of the antique malls we used to visit are now shuttered.

Luckily, one that has long been chock full of quilts remains open in Macon - The Weathervane. We stopped to stretch and take a quick look and - lo and behold - I found this pair of face potholders. Aren't they wild? The embroidery is done onto a crocheted potholder. I was very pleased to find them.

I found one more, but was satisfied with just snapping a photo of it - the eyes are so wierd. Now I wonder, was that admirable restraint or a mistake?


  1. I like it!! I would call it "a mistake"!! I think the purple face with weird eyes makes it kind of funky and fun!

  2. I love face potholders. I've never seen one in a store, so now I make them! It's sort of a litmus test for visitors when they see them in the kitchen,and what people say!

  3. You could write/call them and see if it's still available! It's a HOOT.