Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dragged and bragged

I talked about my beloved thrift shop quilts at the Miami County Quilters Guild show yesterday - appropriately titled the Drag and Brag quilt show. What a fun show it was, with a little bit of everything: great new quilts, a few antique ones, vendors, lunch and finding a few old friends too. Here are a few quilts that made me think, "I'd like to try that."

Buttons on yo-yos, I need to make one of these. This is from a Christmas quilt made by  Ruth Fladung and Dorothy Franzen.

We all have some doilies stashed away - look at the bold way Ruth Fladung used them in this quilt she made with her granddaughter Leslie Franzen.

More bold vintage big stitch! This quilt was worked on a silky whole cloth in 1971 by Marilyn Davies. Her daughter-in-law Sarah Davies showed the quilt, in her memory....

I was pleased to find a memory quilt with a good story. Annarose Hart made this quilt for her brother Gus - from jeans, including some worn by their father when he was in a roping accident (good news, he survived.....).

I promised the Drag and Brag crowd a bibliography of my talk:

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