Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jean's Pine Burr

MANY of us were blown away by this entry in our quilt show last week.

It's a Pine Burr quilt recently acquired by KVQG member Jean Ayres. One the back of one corner it says "Bea Birthday from Lou 1982". Jean found some research done by Cuesta Benberry - Cuesta noted this type of quilt was commonly made by African American Quilters in the South - and that it is also the Alabama state quilt.

A true potpourri of fabrics were used. Lots of clothing scraps, some shiny fabrics too.


  1. wow! Is this just from folded squares? I'm not quite getting how it is put together.

  2. well this really is an eye-popper. wow. what a treat to get to see this one.

  3. Jaw dropping gorgeous! How does one make one of these?