Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mini Quilt Show #2

This group of quilts features fabric from another of Sarah's challenges. The fabric she challenged us to use is from Moda's Calico Craze line by Barbara Brackman. It was clear that many of our quilters remembered the 1960s well.


Karen Hansen's amazing Flower Power mini features anatomically correct marijuana leaves. Karen said she got the shape from the Internet.....

Carmen Rinehart's  Yellow Submarine quilt is a crowd favorite. The porthole in the middle is the view from the Yellow Submarine - and look at the submarine at the bottom right - you can see the 4 Beatles faces in the portholes there. When she showed it at a guild meeting, people sang along. The words written on the quilt are "Sky of blue and sea of green in our yellow submarine......"

Linda Frost called this mini Buttons, Beads & Yoyos. The background was pieced to suggest leaves or trees and then the rest was added to suggest flowers or berries. The green fabrics are true vintage fabrics from way back when. The yellow and red fabrics are Barbara's.

Remember, for more information about the quilt show, see the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild website.

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  1. These little quilts are just wonderful. Have enjoyed looking around your blog. Love anything quiltly as I get inspiration for my work. Will be back for more. XCathy