Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Quilt Show #1

Our guild's quilt show is next weekend. Every year we challenge each other to make mini-quilts that are auctioned off at the show, with all proceeds going to local charities. We have a plethora of minis this year - 110 - with a week to go, so there could be more. I thought I'd show you some of my favorites this week, although it was hard to show just a few, there are so many great quilts. 

If you can come to the show, you can enter a bid for the mini-quilts. Each one also has a buy-it-now price so you make it yours and not wait for the auction to end at the end of the show (at 4:30 Sunday, a half hour before the show closes).

Sarah of Sarah's Fabrics issued several challenges this year. She gave away fat eighths to spur our creativity. These quilts used a very unique fabric from one of her challenges, a Free Spirit fabric by Terry Mangat. Some of the entries using that fabric include:

Groovy Tubes by Liz Campbell, who said: "I think it was great idea of Sarah to offer this challenge and to provide the fabrics."

Sheryl Lux stitched this Pitcher of Flowers. She said, "The only thing I could say is that I love to applique and when I saw the fabric, I pictured a vase of flowers. Since the fabric line was called Bees Knees I thought it needed two little bees to fly around. I think it really did turn out cute.

Ruth Powers stitched this magnificent Butterfly. Ruth is an award-winning quilter, this one is magnificent.


  1. Thanks Deb! It was fun to make and fun to see it again!

  2. check out Ruth's work at