Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not So Fast Bub

Bertha's name is left, notice Not So Fast Bub below and right ...
Here are a few detail shots of the quilt I showed a few days ago. Whoever made this quilt liked to embroider - there is embroidery in each corner. There are several names so it is not clear who made the quilt. Names include Bertha Weeks (several times), June Weeks, fNaomi, and Daniel LeRoy Harker ...

Kathy Sullivan found information about a few of the names on this quilt. In the 1930 census, a widowed Bertha Weeks, age 50, was head of a household of three daughters: Naomi, age 27, Elizabeth, age 24, and June, age 15. They lived in Bethel, Ohio, (Clermont county). By 1940, June was living in another household, Naomi was there too ...

Corners were popular spots for embroidery - this corner got pretty wild ...

Bertha Weeks / Freda / Doris - notice the reversed S's
The Army / Air Corps fabric in the middle was popular during World War II.


  1. "that's my honey"!!! what a find. I love it.

  2. Oh Yea... that's my honey! Love it!

  3. My mother (nee Elizabeth Gatts) was born and grew up on the family farm east of Bethel, OH. in the '20's and '30's. Weeks sounds like a familiar name, but maybe just because I'm from that general area. My mother-in-law still lives in Clermont Co. not too far from Bethel. That quilt is quite a treasure!