Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Food for the Sewing Soul

AHHHHHH ... I am at a sewing retreat this week. A room full of tables, filled with friends sewing by hand and machine.

I planned to finish a little editing work each day. HAHAHAHA It is NOT happening, I am sewing my brains out. And in the best style of those of us who improvise, I brought along a beeg bag of scraps and I felt certain I would be entertained. And I am. I started by stitching together strips of scraps, mostly square, that will be sashing in a project I plan to work on this summer (t-shirt quilts for my girls).

Now I'm making coasters from scraps.

Next pins. Stay tuned.


  1. Have fun at the retreat. Those scraps look fun!

  2. Making coasters from scraps is one of my favorite things to do. You have excellent taste in scraps. Enjoy your retreat. I'm jealous. I need one. :) Take care.

  3. looks great. leave the editing until you get home and enjoy playing with fabric.

  4. Always fun to recharge that creative battery!

  5. i must confess - my FRIENDS have excellent taste in fabric choices!! they share, so nicely ...