Monday, July 14, 2014

A perfect spot for Rosemary's mini

My friend Rosemary Cromer made this delightful small quilt for me a while back. Yikes, almost 10 years ago!

I was going through the quilts in my closet recently and there it was, in a pile. I decided the perfect spot for it was a narrow wall in our living room. I just love the colors - it measures 8" x 30".

I met Rosemary a decade ago - she had just retired and was loving her work in our favorite quilt shop. Her story is included in my 2005 book, Quilters Stories. Her thoughts on creativity were exciting then and she has continued to be very creative in the years since.

She still teaches at Harper's. For years, she has led a creative forum that meets there called the Fractured Fabric Society. She recently posted a photo of a group from that club visiting the Kemper Museum of Art.

Go Rosemary! Check out her Facebook page for a photo of the happy group!


  1. What a treat to see one of Rosemary's little quilts.... I am happy to say that I was one of those that was a part of the outing to the Kemper that you referred to... It was a great time with lots of discussion and inspiration. Fractured Fabric Society is a wonderfully creative group of artists and always to Rosemary's credit!

  2. I love the little-ness of it and where you've hung it. Lucky to have such great friends.