Friday, July 18, 2014

Victoria comes to town

Victoria with Mary Kay Fosnacht and her block.
We had a wonderful time with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, who visited our guild this week.

I "met" Victoria several years ago through this blog so spending a day in her company yesterday IN PERSON was a real treat. Her lecture was great: she is warm and personable and fun. Her quilts were dynamite, the ones that make you want to drop everything and SEW. She is on a summer drive through the country's midsection, talking and sewing.

Kelly Cline's block

An afternoon in her workshop taught me these things:
For made fabric, sew with a tinier stitch so the ends don't come apart.
I will consider using made fabric in all my future quilts.
Victoria does not categorize herself as a modern quilter, rather a quilter influenced more by quilts of the past.
"I'm basically being a fabric designer (while piecing together scraps)."
"Think of scraps as made fabric."
"When I cut out fabric, things happen that I could not have planned."

Suzy Anderson is making GREAT made fabric using her husband's ties interspersed with silk.

An evening together on the porch taught me these things:
We like the same quilts.
She bought one of my wonky quilts in the antique mall booth!
We both have a ukelele player in the family.

Victoria is a lovely guest, good listener, very brave, exciting and adventurous, and a truly nice person. Come back soon!

I love the block Carol Ingenthron made.


  1. It was a fun day and I enjoyed seeing what everyone did with their "made" fabric!

  2. Sounds like fun! I love Carol Ingenthron's block, too!

  3. I am SOOOO addicted! I finally had to set up my machine in the living room so I could sew at night ;-0