Friday, October 24, 2014

Go, Sujata!

Many of you are aware of the wonderful creative work of Sujata Shah. We "met" though our respective blogs and have admired each other's work for years.

TODAY Sujata is presenting her first schoolhouse at market in Houston for her first book, Cultural Fusion. I am often at quilt market but sadly, I will not be there today to cheer her on. IF you are there, you need to check the schoolhouse schedule and stop by her talk. You will not be disappointed.

I did have the pleasure of editing her book and it's a GREAT book! Hurry, Hurry to get your copy! You can savor the creative ways that Sujata works, her incredible quilts, and the wonderful cultural fusion that is involved - from her native India, to Gee's Bend and beyond.

Best of luck today, Sujata - enjoy the experience!!


  1. I'm cheering Sujata on too!! I'm so excited about her book, I just know it's going to be wonderful!

  2. Her schoolhouse was great and the quilts were wonderful!

  3. Thank you Deb! It was great meeting everyone at the market. Sending you a long, very long email soon. I will never forget this experience that had added to my growth as a quilter and a human being.