Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cold Beer Here

We're on the road this week, in Yankton, South Dakota, a frequent destination.

We admire the Cold Beer Here sign outside a downtown tavern. This small town (population 13,700) seems to support a considerable cluster of taverns in it's historic downtown.

A paragraph in an article about Yankton's historic past by Jennifer L. Nielson in South Dakota Magazine explains:

According to Jeff Koster at the Walnut Tavern downtown, it is rumored that an early ordinance confined women to the south side of Third Street, whereas men walked only on the north. That’s why all the bars are on the north side of Third to this day, he claims. But not to worry, both sexes can now happily stroll on whichever side they please.

The Cold Beer establishment is definitely north of Third Street.

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