Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seeking News of Anna Williams

I am inspired by the quilts of Anna Williams. I mentioned an Anna Williams style block I was making a while back and another Anna admirer contacted me. She met Anna two years ago at a quilt show in the Baton Rouge area and liked her very much.

Anna had been making quilts in her own unique style when her craft was discovered by her friend/employer, Katherine Watts, also a quilter, also an LSU clothing and textiles professor. Katherine brought Anna's work to the attention of Nancy Crow, something many quilters are aware of. Anna's work was exhibited at The American Quilter's Society in 1995 and a catalog of the exhibit was published at that time. (Anna Williams: Her Quilts and their Influences by Katherine Watts with Elizabeth Walker.) Anna was born in 1927 near Baton Rouge and when the catalog was published, she was still working and making quilts.

My question is: how is Anna today? Is she still making quilts? I've written to several quilters I know in the South but am still seeking the answer.....

The block in the photo is inspired by Anna. I just finished a big project using wovens so I'm playing with the scraps.


  1. This block looks very much like a stack of blocks I purchased at an antique shop in Atlanta last year. Deb, these are the blocks I told you about that are made from scraps, including hems of dresses. I envisioned them being made by a servant using leftovers from dresses made or altered for their employer. They really spoke to me at the time and still do.

  2. ooh, great block and I love all the scraps. I've been kicking myself for not buying the catalog of Anna's show back when it was available. I even tried to get it through inter-library loan just so I could read it but that wasn't even possible. I keep hoping she'll get the big glossy book she deserves. Good luck finding information, I'd love to know as well.

  3. I agree, WE NEED a big glossy book of her work......

  4. Deb, do you know Jeannie Spears? She is (or was, when we discussed this some years ago) a big fan of Anna's work, too. She might have more info on Anna's current doings.
    I must confess (head hanging low). I don't care for her stuff that much. A little too random and unfocused for me. But I do like her color choices.

  5. I´m not a quilter but I know Anna Williams and she is still making quilts, and enjoying it

  6. Did you ever find out about Anna? She passed away earlier this year. Please respond if you want to know more details.

    1. Hello! I am a native Baton Rouger and would love to know more about Anna Williams and her family!Is it true that American Quilters Society in Paducah, Kenntucky is considering re publishing her book written by Katherine Watts? I certainly hope so!