Friday, July 31, 2009

Inspiration for Pre-Cut Party 3

This is a first: I'm blogging to keep up with another blog.

Barbara Brackman featured my reproduction of this quilt on her blog today. I made the reproduction from the lushly-colored fabrics in her new Moda line, The Morris Workshop.

We found the 1960-ish original at a Kansas City, Missouri antique mall a few years ago. It features several colorways of the same fabrics, measures 39" x 46", and is machine pieced and hand quilted.

The detail shows the quilt sleeve on the back, from BB's Hot Spots line a few years ago. Note the original design for that fabric in the maroon colorway below. The quilt also has a brown/blue piece of the same design.


  1. I forgot about those comma fabrics in there. Glad you posted it.

  2. I just linked over from Barbara's blog...which I just found this I'm hooked on your's the SC quilt since I am from SC.

  3. I love this blue quilt! What a find! Off to read Barbara's blog now!