Monday, August 3, 2009

Cat Hotel

This summer, our home has hosted several cats as their owners were in transit, between one home and another.

Guest #1 was Bella, the little dumpling-shaped diva rescued by daughter Kate a few months ago. She enjoyed stretching out on my quilt blocks in progress.

Guest #2 was Buddy, here very recently, another rescue that deigns to live with daughter Betsy. Buddy is a handsome boy but a bit of a wuss. He also likes to plop down and groom on quilts on the floor (this one was being photographed).

Guest #3 was Thomas, on the longest journey of all, from Williamsburg to San Jose. Here he is in his deluxe carrier, ready to head west. Unfortunately, he was unable to hold still long enough to be photographed on a quilt. Bon voyage, Thomas!

It is very quiet here now.


  1. So, let me get this straight, when a child, say a son, rescues a cat, the cat doesn't HAVE to stay with the son's mother who paid all the vet bills? I am just asking. The rescuer will, on occaision take the rescued one with them? Huh, well I have to think about that one. Seems like I am the push-over people keep telling me I am. By the way, would you like another cat? I am just (ah-chooo) asking.

  2. what sweet kitties. I just want to give Bella a belly rub. Great quilt blocks too.

  3. this is fun. people alwasy comment about the pet posts!

    Bella loves tummy rubs!

    ahem. our girls love those cats very much. however, when they adopt one, we always appraise them as we know they could end up with us at some point. that day could come. sorry, no more cats here at this point. we have to be ready to catch one of these (next summer when kate threatens to move overseas?).

  4. Excellent picture of Buddy, Mom. You failed to mention that that little white halo is always surrounding his head. Keep the kitty day spa open... There's a very cute siameese kitten at the Humane Society that is just calling my name!

  5. The cats are lovely. Of course people comment on pet posts. :) It's 'cuz we love our pets!