Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a Rainy Day Color Explosion

It's rainy here this morning and colors seem to explode on a wet, cloudy morning like this.

I'm quilting a small log cabin quilt I made for my mom. I love the colors in it. I used a variety of fabrics from my thrift shop stash and it worked. There is an old red woven shirt, made in India. There is a silky black scrap, shot with gold (Paula leftover). There's even a creamy silky tie (Don-O leftover).

The rich colors made me notice more rich colors outside.
Look at our produce basket.

Here's a view of our garden now, it's about as lush as it will get. The tomatoes are plentiful. And notice our new rain barrel in the background, it's satisfying to have it.

Raindrops are still clinging to the pine needles too. Hmmm, what an abstract design.

The rain brought fresh, cooler weather with it. We are in for a few not-at-all-normal cool August days. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh......


  1. The quilt is very pretty. You mention that you have mixed fabrics - is this something you do generally? I've got a LOT of old clothes from my mother to use (polyester pants from about 20 years ago) plus shirts from other friends (some polycotton in the lot). My quilts are for donation to animal shelters - so I'm wondering if a mix matters.

  2. I was wondering the same. Would you be able to put a mixed fibre quilt in the wash? I love the rich colours, very much my choice. I look forward to seeing this all quilted, Kath in England

  3. I mix fabrics a lot. I tried it for the big memory quilt in my book and found it worked well.
    Old clothes, especially those that have been washed a lot, are just fine to wash. So they would work fine for your donation quilts (and what a good use for them).
    I'm careful with more finicky fabrics (like the black/gold silky one). I will only wash that quilt gently in my bathtub with Orvis soap. It's a small wall quilt so I don't think it will need much washing.....

  4. I need your help with a special project could you shoot me an email? Thanks