Monday, August 24, 2009

Thrift Shop Quilt #5: Wreath of Balls

Ok. School is back in session here, its time to get back on track and show you more quilts.

We call this one the Wreath of Balls. It measures 66" x 80" and was likely made between 1890 and 1925. I purchased it in Ottawa, Kansas in August 2006.

The blocks feature machine appliquéd claret wreaths on a muslin background. The condition is good. It has some stains, with a little wear showing on the binding. Its hand quilted in lovely feathered wreaths.

Brackman and Thompson declare this to be a good example of a claret appliquéd quilt. The machine appliqué is unusual for that period - I think that would have been hard to do. A wide binding is brought forward from the back, also a standard practice in that period, to frame a claret border.

Of the 15 appliquéd blocks, 14 are of wine-colored claret, one is a novelty red print, also of that period. Thank goodness, that made it quirky enough for me. A note with the quilt read: Vintage Quilt—Belonged to an original old-time family, probably made in the 1880s (Butell family)

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