Thursday, August 27, 2009

Counting Triangles

Another behind-the-scenes quilt book story:
I sometimes work with Deb, a technical editor I have known a long time. She does great work but does tend to obsess a little about projects that contain many triangles. These command all her resources: she has to count them and check sizes, etc.

We have worked on 2 books now that have featured triangle-happy quilts.
So imagine who I thought of when I saw this quilt photo.....

Deb can make funny faces so I thought of her making googly eyes when she saw this.
and when I googled googly eyes, look what I found!

Look for lots of triangles and much much more (great quilts, exciting history) in this upcoming book by Cindy Brick, it's a beauty!


  1. oh, my, I love it! I'll have to post a pic of a great triangle quilt I got for 5 bucks in a thrift store years ago. It's great!

  2. please do, I'd love to see it! And Deb the tech editor will too.....