Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Behind the scenes - Encyclopedia of Applique

I thought you might enjoy a behind the scenes story from a book I edited.

Look at this LOVELY book, just out from C&T Publishing. It's a newly released version of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique.

There are two stories to tell about this book:

1. Barbara was down to one last copy of this book from its first printing in 1993. She had another but it had to go to C&T to be scanned. So as we worked on the book, we had to constantly pass it back and forth: to me to check the original, to her to field questions from the faithful about the book. Look how dog-eared it is getting! Thank goodness she still had one copy. Do look for the new one at your favorite quilt shop - it's a beauty. And a bargain - copies of the original are hard to find and pricey on the internet (I found one for $775!).....

2. Notice the cover quilt - isn't IT a beauty? Our friend Georgann made it before she got sick of appliqued circles, thank goodness. This little quilt has 240 circles........


  1. Looking forward to the new book, love the quilt on the cover.
    my original book is showing its wear!
    Is there a lot of new information in the new book?

  2. Your book is probably not as worn as Barbara's!
    Barbara updated her History of Applique chapter at the front of the book. And this one contains 5 quilt projects. The drawings are the same as the original version.....