Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thrift is hot in chic magazines

Have you noticed that thrift is suddenly hot, even in upscale women's magazines?

A few months ago, I was thumbing through an issue of Oprah's magazine. There was a feature showing what to wear to job interviews. As usual, the clothes were pricey. I noticed one dress cost $1228, a price so many of us can pay for our job-hunting outfit (not!). WELL in last month's issue on the reader comments page, they showed 2 affordable job hunting outfits: one from Walmart! Apparently many took them to task about the $1228 dollar dress.

The July Vogue magazine also features an article you would not have seen there one year ago. It was one woman's story about how her divorce made her wise up and embrace an affordable lifestyle - just in time for the recession! Handy! Big revelations: public school is all right! You can take your kids on their own field trips (no need to rely on the pricey private school to do that for you)! Don't turn up the thermostat so high in the winter, etc. etc.

Luckily, you can still find outrageous things in Vogue too. Page 76 shows a deli waitress (actress waiting to be discovered in NYC) wearing the most gorgeous dress (pricetag $4,995)......

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