Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Postcard (Scraps Too Small IV)

Yesterday, I realized there were a few people I needed to send cards to. I'd rather send a fabric postcard than a store-bought get well or thank you card.

So I surveyed my scrap pile. Then I remembered I left scraps on my cutting table after trimming some of my Anna Williams blocks.

Woa! I picked up a string of those scraps and put it on a vibrant solid (I think a strong colored background makes these scraps look extra good).

I Liked it! I made a few of these - it was hard to stop. This is not a bad way to use up those too-small scraps AND share the remnants of your current project......


  1. Thanks! I'm going to make some cards today!

  2. It's not trash, it's treasure, and FUN!! Sally (aka Buffy)

  3. These are great fabrics. I usually try to make a picture of some kind with my scraps.