Friday, February 12, 2010

A top about to be disassembled

Still sifting through my goodies from the week away....Here's a top I purchased in a silent auction at the retreat. No one else liked it, probably because of the overwhelming orangy-red & green fabrics added in the 1970s.

Those fabrics just don't go with the wonderful funky circa 1900 blocks they surround. I bought it because of those blocks - they are going to be rescued from their orangy-red & green prison soon.

The blocks are so great! Some are perfect 4-patches but most have a few strips added so they are all the same size.

Check out these polka dots, the plaids and the neons. Hooray!


  1. Once again I find it so charming that you love these "distinctive blocks" rather than scorning them as some quilters might. It comforts me in my own attempts to be a quilter.

    Can't wait to see it when you remake it!!!

  2. thanks! I've got them all removed now. The old blocks are GREAT!