Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second Home

I was about to hang this up so I photographed it to show you.

We had a quilt challenge for the retreat I was at last week. We were to make an 18" square quilt of our second home, Pt. Bonita.

Imagine how cheery it was to put this together here in gray, snowy Kansas. I knew I wanted little houses sitting on a hill. I wanted to show the paths we love to hike and the beautiful ocean that is right there.

I collected fabrics (there are old shirts and fabrics passed on to me by others in this quilt) all year but didn't stitch this until January. I left a lot of the edges raw and assembled it by quilting the fabrics in place.

The colors seemed a bit wild but guess what? They weren't far off the mark. I really did watch surfers too (but they were wearing wet suits)......they were at the far end of the beach in the beach in this photo. Our second home was up the hill behind me.


  1. Fabulous! I love this, well done Deb, so colourful and happy.

  2. Beautiful! I want to go there too! Colors can never be too wild.