Monday, May 17, 2010

Going to Market

I'll be on the way to quilt market tomorrow but I am traveling with an alias this time. On Thursday, if you look for Barbara Brackman at her schoolhouse, you'll find ME describing her new fabrics and book....

Barbara will be staying home, waiting with her best boyfriend who is #1 on the liver transplant list at KUMC. She wants to be with him in case the call comes that a new liver has arrived.

I've always planned to be an organ donor. Last month was Organ Donor Month so I visited an exhibit of quilts commemorating organ donors at our hospital.

On display were blocks made in memory of donors, grouped onto quilts. It reminded me of the AIDS quilt. Most blocks were made by non quilters - many included pictures, written messages, mementos of the donor's life.

A few were stitched. I liked this one of Tom's truck. And of course I think those are Allen's shirts in the block below.

Several donor recipients were on hand to tell their stories. One gentleman there from Kansas City thought he spotted a block for his possible donor on one of the quilts.

I learned that it is good to have your donor wishes on your drivers license. Even better, tell your family that you'd like to donate your organs. And best yet, register online. Here's how.

And keep your fingers crossed that a liver arrives soon for Numero Uno.....


  1. Here's hoping that when a family faces the loss of their beloved, they realize that organ donations can make their loss less senseless, less final, and less alone. I can think of no greater tribute to someone's life than to donate their organs at death.

  2. Surgery last night & it went well---thanks so much to whatever family donated that organ. And thanks to Deb for bringing it up. And thanks for Deb for pretending to be me tomorrow.

  3. What a touching quilt! It shows how we can work through and communicate deep feelings through quilting.

    Wow! So glad to hear about the donation and surgery going well.