Thursday, May 20, 2010

I like Minneapolis

Sometimes when you're in a quilt frame of mind, you see quilt patterns everywhere. As I've explored Minneapolis this week, I've noticed quilt designs all over the place. Look at this ceiling in a downtown shopping center.

The same pattern is echoed in the windows of this high rise. There is a nice blend of old and new buildings downtown.

Sometimes you see the reflections of the old buildings in the windows of the new buildings. The numerous skywalks remind you that the weather is not always as warm as it is this week.

There is a mall-like street that runs into the convention center. It's been full of people eating outside in the warm weather and lots just hanging out, like this sax player.

People have been friendly and nice. And the transit system is great! Efficient and dependable.....I need to come back in the winter to see what it's like then.


  1. oh don't be to sure about the winter visit... that's why they have skyways, so you don't ever have to go outside... I grew up in MN and did college in the twin cities...I do love Minneapolis though, it is one beautiful city, with the lakes...Looks like you even had nice weather! good because I will be there next week...happy quilt marketing!

  2. Glad you had a good visit.
    Winter is cold in MN...but the skyways make it very easy to get around. Minneapolis and St. Paul are both great cities.