Friday, April 22, 2011

A Rosy Rocky Road

I bought this thrifty little quilt because I thought a Kansas quilter should have a Rocky Road to Kansas quilt. And this one is in such UN-likely Rocky Road colors. Pink borders? Who puts pink borders on a Rocky Road to Kansas quilt?

Well, someone did. Many of the blocks look like they were assembled in the same time frame and same low-contrast values, with pastel stripes and a few old feedsack prints thrown in. And then there is that one row. With reds! plaids! navy blue prints! Those 4 blocks look like they arrived from another planet to me.

This quilt measures 77" x 87". The blocks are ~15" square. It's machine pieced and simply hand quilted.


  1. This quilt is just the sort I like....scrappy, homey, print ground.

  2. Gorgeous!! Love all that pink. I may have to make one of those sometime.

  3. Fabulous pink, my new "go to" color. Thanks.

  4. Don't you wish that quilt could talk and tell you WHY those four blocks are there? Where they the inspiration? Grandma made them and the quilter couldn't say "no"? I'm sure there is a story there! I love scrappy quilts such as this which are just a bit off the beaten "Rocky Road"!!
    Deb from

  5. I LOVE the pink and the crazy block is such an entertaining surprise. These are my favorite kind of quilts! The quirky person in the room. :o)