Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet Baskets

I found this quilt a while back and could not pass it up because it is so sweet - and a little unusual, I think.

It surely was made to cover a very specific bed, as it measures 42" x 75". Each basket block measures 8 1/2" square. It is hand-pieced and hand-quilted.

The wear fascinates me. Some fabrics have completely worn away (second block from top, middle). Some fabrics have completely faded away (top middle block). And some are off (top right block). Hmmm, maybe a child pieced this....

Note that there are side borders that finish in a knife edge with tiny prairie points showing. When the quilt historian saw this, she opined that those might be commercially made prairie points, once popular like manufactured binding was. Of course, she is likely on to something here. It came from Ottawa, Kansas.


  1. This is a jewel of a quilt.
    It's a smiley quilt.

  2. It looks well loved! But every so sweet...I just love basket quilts

  3. It is about the size of a hired man's quilt, but it is too sweet for a man. Maybe a lovely little girl had a small bed or a scandinavian bed tucked in a cabinet as there were very narrow. Interesting that an "indigo" basket would fade completely. Bonnie

  4. I am so struck by the simplicity of two color quilts these days. This quilt is beautiful. I love the plaid in the blocks. Interesting to know about the pre-made prairie points borders.

  5. So lovely. There is a quilt in my family about that size, made for the daybed in the living room (called the front room) that my grandfather slept on.

    I wish we could still get prairie points pre made. It would be the only way they would ever get on one of my quilts! I like them, but on't have the patients.

  6. Pretty. :) I want to try a knife edge binding soon. I love the look of it.