Thursday, March 31, 2011

Come Play!

Saturday morning (April 2), I'll lead a class on improvisational quilting at the Kansas City Museum.

I have just learned we can open this class to kids of all ages. Originally, it was a class for kids only. But the last time I taught it, Moms begged to join the fun. The museum guards even stopped by on their break and made a quick impulsive quilt.

We will work in my beloved improvisational style. I will bring a suitcase of scraps and backgrounds to fuse on. We'll watch a Quilts of Gee's Bend tape and play. Kids "get it" and have no problem putting together these quilts.

If you'd like to recapture that freer time in your life, join us. 10-noon. The cost is minimal, all materials supplied.

To sign up, call Rebecca at the museum, (816) 483-8300 ext. 1402. You can also call the museum visitor center at 483-8300.
See you there.


  1. Would love to but I have to work! Blasted tax season! I am sure it will be fun. Take lots of photos.

  2. And I read this in the evening. Drat!